About Us

MaskFaze is an online retail store that offers fashionable, face coverings, the best face masks and neck gaiters, cool face mask accessories, clothing and other stylish and fashionable non-medical grade personal protection products. MaskFaze was established with an idea to introduce stylish products that resonates with like-minded fashionable individuals and to find a solution to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

We are offering fashionable alternatives to the typical paper masks and plastic hand sanitizer bottles. Mask Faze is committed to inspire everyone to protect their lives through personal protective products that are unique, and perfectly fit in their daily life routines.

Since masks and face coverings are essential accessories nowadays, why not feel comfortable and look great wearing one? With that in mind, we are offering the most stylish masks to buy now. One thing we love more than your amazing style is your individuality. That’s why our main objective is to design something protective yet personal.

Our Vision

We envision a world free of pandemic where everyone enjoys good health, safety and longevity. Until this vision is realized, we aim to continue selling stylish cloth face masks for adults, kids and teens as a basic wardrobe essential for everyone.  Our vision is to do our part in helping to protect our communities in this pandemic by offering comfortable and fashionable masks that are more enjoyable to wear. It’s our goal to diversify our product offerings through innovation for our current markets and to eventually expand into other markets.

Our Mission

MaskFaze is a closely held minority and women-owned business that was created with a focus to offer products that reflect a person’s unique needs, style, self-image and expressions. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction is always our first priority.